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From "Guillaume Nodet" <>
Subject Re: GShell 1.0-alpha-1 release update
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 19:51:32 GMT
I'd like to release GShell asap.  Having more frequent release is imho a
good idea (though it's usually easier to say than to do...).
GShell is already useful, even if there is still lots of things to do.

On Dec 14, 2007 8:35 PM, Jason Dillon <> wrote:

> Folks, the majority of the issues (mostly legal muck) and a few small
> bugs/improvements have been cleaned up for the 1.0-alpha-1 release of
> GShell.
> There is one issue which has been pointed out regarding the 'help'
> command, which ATM is less than ideal, but does show the information.
> The idea of the 'help' command is to be sort of a combination of 'ls'
> and 'man', so that running it with no argument shows the commands
> available in the current context, and running with an argument, the
> argument is assumed to be a command path, which is resolved and the
> help docs for the command are displayed.
> To make this work is a little bit more than a minor change, and I've
> planned to get it fixed up for the next version (hopefully in a few
> months)... and really, this is a moderately complex command which is
> well suited for someone wanting to learn more about how GShell works
> to tackle (which another reason why I didn't make it all super-uber-
> sexy).
> BUT... I think we really need to get 1.0-alpha-1 released, so it can
> be consumed by G 2.1 (as well as other projects which are starting to
> use GShell).  And IMO, the 'help' commands ugliness is not a big
> enough priority to delay the release.
> IMO, GShell is still a work in progress, while quite functional for
> many purposes, its still a little rough around the edges and will take
> some more love to sift through the issues, flesh out the features and
> iron those pesky buggers out.  My recommendation is that for G 2.1
> that we don't advertise GShell as a _feature_, but just let it be
> ASIS, handling the CLI bits for G and average users won't really know
> the difference.  Advanced folks might want to play with it, which is
> fine (good even to get more feedback), but I don't think that G 2.1 is
> the release where we want to unleash this on to the world.
> I would rather let GShell cook... and then simmer for a while longer,
> pull in more feedback (as now more folks are starting to be aware of
> the framework and are implementing tools with it *yay*), fix up the
> architecture, fill in some major holes, write some *real*
> documentation, and then hand it to the masses... perhaps in G 2.2.
> Though keep in mind, GShell isn't really Geronimo-specific... its
> intended to be a light(ish) framework for building rich command-line
> applications.  It just so happens that Geronimo needs such a system to
> handle its growing cli needs.  And GShell's remote login feature makes
> it ideal for administrators to use that cli to perform installs,
> maintenance, scripts ala BSF or whatever.
> Geronimo is definitely, well... IMO, an ideal candidate for GShell
> integration and I really believe that there is a *huge* value add
> here.  But... before we go telling the world how dope the GShell
> integration in Geronimo is... I'd really like to fix some of its warts
> and create some documentation.
>  * * *
> Anyways, the point of this email is really to ask you folks... can we
> live with how GShell works right now for the 1.0-alpha-1 release?  Or
> are their any blocking issues which *must* be resolved?
> I'd really like to spin up a vote today or tomorrow... so if anyone
> has any input... now is the time.
> --jason
> PS.  Thanks for those of you who have taken time to play with GShell
> and provided feedback.  Your input is invaluable and IMO critical to
> the growth and success of GShell.  So thanks again!

Guillaume Nodet

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