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From "Guillaume Nodet" <>
Subject Re: Releasing the parent spec pom.
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 10:47:39 GMT
On Dec 3, 2007 4:11 PM, Rick McGuire <> wrote:

> I was just starting the release process for the latest activation and
> javamail spec jars.  The parent pom for the current trunk version is
> listed as being 1.2-SNAPSHOT.  Previous releases used a 1.2 version
> number.  However, the current trunk version will not build with the 1.2
> parent pom.  It appears that when the OSGI changes were introduced, the
> parent pom version was made 1.2-SNAPSHOT when it should have been
> 1.3-SNAPSHOT.  Is that correct?

I suppose so. My bad.

> I can deal with that, but now I'm trying to figure out the release
> process for the parent pom.  How is this done?  In the past, we released
> all of the specs as a group, so the 1_1 tag branch contained the 1.1
> parent POM.  I don't see anything in our branches to indicate that a 1.2
> parent pom release was ever made, but we have current released specs
> that have it as a dependency.

I guess  this is the reason why I used 1.2-SNAPSHOT, because I missed the
fact that the 1.2 has already been released.

> Additionally, the specs pom in trunk explicitly lists each of the
> submodules in the pom, which is a bit of a problem if it is to be built
> from a branch containing just the pom and not the subprojects.
> So anyway, I'm guessing the first step needs to be to update the parent
> pom version to 1.3-SNAPSHOT.  Once that's done, whats the procedure for
> creating a non-snapshot version for newly released spec jars to use as a
> parent?

I think the way it has been done is to remove the list of modules from the
parent pom and release it as 1.3.
Then we can release each spec one at a time by pointing to the
released 1.3pom instead of the snapshot.

Another way would be to OSGify *all* the specs and release them at one.  If
people agree, I can spare some time to osgify the remaining ones (corba_3.0,
el_1.0, j2ee_deployment_1.1, jsp_2.1).
Anyway, I guess this may be useful at some point, so I will put them back in
trunk and osgify them now.

> Rick

Guillaume Nodet

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