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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Clustering of Tomcat Web-applications over WADI
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 11:45:43 GMT

I have just checked in support for clustering of Tomcat Web- 
applications over WADI. This works pretty much the same way Jetty Web- 
applications are clustered over WADI.

For instance, to cluster a Tomcat Web-app, a "tomcat-clustering-wadi"  
element, see geronimo-tomcat-clustering-wadi-1.2.xsd for more  
details, is added to the Geronimo tomcat deployment descriptor, e.g.:

<web-app xmlns="">


    <tomcat-clustering-wadi /> // this is the element I am referring to


The presence of this element along with a distributable element in  
the standard DD triggers the build of the Web-application as a  
clustered application.

I am now working on the clustering of SFSB over WADI.

If people wants to work on load-time weaving of AspectJ aspects at  
the Tomcat or Jetty Web-application scope to tightly integrate the  
field or method level state tracking mechanism of WADI, then please  
feel free to ping me. This would be my next task after the clustering  
of SFSB and I could use some helps.


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