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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject [VOTE] Release GShell 1.0-alpha-1
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2007 02:02:15 GMT
Oh ya... the time is now, all you party people get out on the floor  
and shake what your mother gave ya...

This is the *first* _official_ release of GShell... and I invite all  
of you to go an have a quick look over the only docs we got at the  

More docs are on there way I can assure you... as well as more  
features, functionality and fun with your command-line... aight!

  * * *

GShell has been a dream of mine for... er um what seems like years  
now... oh wait it has been years.  And well, the universe has finally  
aligned and things are falling into place quite nicely I'd say.  Some  
external groups are already consuming these goodies, others have asked  
me about it, and there might even been some commercial apps wanting a  
simple/easy/kick-ass command-line (remote scriptable) interface to  
their application on the horizon too.

If any of you remember the JBucks days, when I whittled Twiddle out of  
thin air as a pluggable command-line  framework (only realized to  
invoke lame JMX muck)... well, GShell is here to carve out its own  
notch... or well, I hope it can get sharp enough to cut something.  I  
think it will... just believe, imagine and well we make dreams reality  
her in the land of source which is open... na... aighty.

Keep in mind this is an *alpha-1* release, and is a little rough (or  
in some cases more than a little) around the corners.  I hope, with  
the help, guidance and suggestions of the community, that we can sort  
though all of the significant issues and polish GShell off enough to  
make it generally mass-consumable by applications (like ServiceMix,  
ActiveMQ, and other sister server-orient projects which need a  
sophisticated command-line interface for administration,  
configuration, whatever).

This version of GShell was inspired a little (okay... a lot) by the  
work I've done on the Groovy projects 'groovysh' command-line tool (

  ).  Actually working on 'groovysh' really helped me to figure out  
many things w/GShell... and maybe one day Groovy's 'groovysh' will  
actually use GShell as a framework, though there is a bit of work left  
in the core to make that a reality.  For folks that haven't use my new  
'groovysh', you can easily have a look by using the 'groovy-maven- 
plugin', as in:

     mvn groovy:shell

You'll notice a lot of similarities between 'groovysh' and 'gsh' I'm  

  * * *

While working on this release I've come to realize that GShell and  
Maven2 are very similar creatures... which I'll elaborate on more in  
the future... but because of that significant functionality which is  
already implemented in Maven2 is 90% (or sometimes more) compatible  
with the direction GShell is headed towards.  For example, one feature  
alpha-2 will have is to allow command plugins to define 'dependencies'  
just as a Maven project does now.  And GShell can be configured (a bit  
more flexibly than Maven ATM) for how to find those dependencies (in a  
local repo, in a remote repo, in some uber-jar, etc).  This will all  
leverage the maturing Maven2 codebase.  So in some ways GShell will  
grow with Maven2 as they both become more and more functional, stable,  
reliable... and well ass-kicking no doubt.

Um... crap, I'm e-babbling again; sorry.   So, lets vote and push this  
puppy out already... ?!

+1	Oh ya, come on baby... you know you want it
+0	Um... I don't know what is wrong with batch personally, can't we  
just use that?
-1	I like cheese, cheese makes me happy... but damn it cheese won't  
let me remotely administer my application... wtf, no way... WAIT!!!!

So, its Friday evening, 6ish PST... so lets say _sometime_ on Tuesday  
the 25th I'll call the vote.  That is a little more than 72 hours...  
so get your #2 pencils out and shake what your mother gave ya...


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