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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: GShell 1.0-alpha-1 release update
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2007 13:34:15 GMT
Oops. Sorry I was offline yesterday evening playing taxi driver...

On Dec 15, 2007, at 12:23 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:

> No worries take a whack at it. Though IMO its too bad the "apache  
> way" slows down releasing binaries so much. Like I want to push out  
> alpha-1 um like a week ago. I know there are holes, which well filla  
> nd then roll out another alpha.

Not sure in what manner the "apache way" has slowed this down. Getting  
licensing info correct? May be a PITA, but don't see how that's a bad  
thing... Sorry I got a bit time-constrained. It's not like I really  
enjoy it, either -- which doesn't help...

If you were constrained by implementing forward looking function, then  
svn cp

  might have been useful

People may feel that alpha-1 is good enough... Or Gshell may be at  
alpha-2 by the time G is ready to release

> Its certainly not going to be perfect that's for sure. Which is why  
> I tend to follow the release often strategy. Push out something that  
> is functional, fix it up and then push it out again.
> Seems to me like we have a 2-3 week minumum for each release, almost  
> regaurdless of what it is... Though the javaee server and its tck  
> muck certainly adds on more weeks.
> It seems like if nothing at all changed ina subproject it will still  
> take the better part of a month to make a release :-(
> Well take a look... Let's try to get this finished in the next week  
> na... I'm goinig to be out of the country for 3 weeks startin on the  
> 22nd.... And I'd reallly, really like to have the release done by  
> then....

Heh. Now you tell me... Sorry, you need to cancel... :-P I can use  
that as part of my evaluation criteria...

> But more so I think we need to rethink our stratagy.  on  
> releases.... It should be easy and quick. IMO the 3 day vote period  
> is long enough :-P
> Well ping me if you need something changed. I'm at your disposal  
> next week if it helps move things along...aight?

I have no issues with release early, release often. However, I will  
tend to hold Gshell releases slated for a Geronimo release to a higher  
standard than I might otherwise. Once there's a stable gshell release  
base, this may become less of an issue...


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