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From "Shiva Kumar H R" <>
Subject Re: "extract a server" status
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 08:54:05 GMT
On Dec 19, 2007 3:51 AM, David Jencks <> wrote:

> I have the feature whereby you can specify a set of plugins in a
> geronimo server and extract a server containing only those plugins
> and their dependencies working from gshell.  There are some rough
> edges some of which I'm not entirely sure how to fix.  It would be
> great to get some testing and feedback on this before 2.1 goes out.

> 1. You have to include the boilerplate configuration explicitly in
> your list of desired plugins.  If you don't, the bin/ stuff and
> suchlike won't be there.  This plugin sets up quite a bit of the
> basic file structure of the server.  I'm currently thinking of trying
> to split this up into support for the basic server, client, gshell,
> and corba specs and having dependencies from various other modules on
> them.  I'm not sure how this will work but it might also help shrink
> the framework server.
> 2. you have to specify the plugins you want all at once using numbers
> from a list presented to you.  This is pretty limiting.  We could
> have a separate "package" command and let you run the "add plugins to
> assembly" part multiple times before packaging the result.  Also it
> would be good for scripting to be able to supply the list of plugins
> by artifactId rather than a fairly meaningless number.
> 3. if you don't supply the required info about the artifactID of the
> assembled server you should be prompted for it.
> 4. We might want to support assembling a server using any collection
> of plugin repositories, not just the current server.
> 5. there's no admin console page for this function.  I'd like to try
> to write one but since my web development skills are somewhere near 0
> I might need some help.
I was just thinking of that :) But right now I am stuck up in Plan Creator
wizards. If I am able to complete them & still have time before 2.1 release,
then I too would love to contribute to this.

6. Right now the assembled server is left sitting in var/temp.  It
> might be worth trying to deploy to the local maven repo.
> 7. The plugin functionality is a nontrivial amount of code, so its
> probably a good idea to put it in a separate jar from geronimo-system
> and give it its own configuration so you can have a server without it.
> Comments on these ideas and the functionality itself would be
> appreciated.
> BTW the gshell command looks like this:
>  deploy/assemble -g -a test-server -v 1.0-SNAPSHOT
> where -g is the groupId (currently not used)
> -a is the artifact id
> -v is the version
> -f is the format (zip or tar.gz)
> -t is the assembly location (default var/temp/assembly)
> thanks
> david jencks


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