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From Anita Kulshreshtha <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Moving the Monitoring Plugin Into Trunk
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 04:36:04 GMT
   For this discussion I will use MC for monitoring console (aka
client), and agent for mrc-server. It is possible to use 3 G instances
(I used this method until GERONIMO-3660). G1 with MC on remote or local
m/c, G2 with agent on local m/c, and G3 the instance to be monitored.
This is the ideal solution but will be most difficult to implement
efficiently. The advantage is that the instance to be monitored is not
corrupted in any way.
     The second option is to use 2 G instances. G1 with MC on remote or
local m/c, G2 the instance to be monitored. The agent is loaded in G2.
This is what we have now. we need to reduce DB activity. We can improve
upon this as we go. 
    The TimeSatistics has 4 values named count, max, min and totaltime.
The graph treats count as the current value of time. This is because
the information that it is a TimeStatistics is lost in the DB. All four
values appear as separate statistics, and the graph would draw each one
separately as value, min, max! The same is true for
BoundedRangeStatistics. A single graph should show all 5 values.
More inline..

--- "Erik B. Craig" <> wrote:

> Anita,
> You mentioned that the collecting agent running within the same jvm  
> (I.E. under a Geronimo instance being monitored as a plugin) is an  
> issue due to resource consumption... however I am unsure what a good 
> alternative approach would be? Are you suggesting we have a separate 
> instance of G to monitor a target instance? Or are you suggesting
> that  
> the mrc-server be a standalone java app that runs in it's own JVM?

    This is a possibility too.. 
> Currently the graph builder will plot any data being grabbed as  
> snapshots in any method defined by the user. In the current graph  
> creation page, the user has the option to differentiate between raw  
> count vs. count/time or even count/some other count. There are a lot 
> of options configurable by the user. 
    When I added ErrorCount and ErrorCount/sec graphs to a single view,
The other views got corrupted. This is a minor issue and can be easily


> Additionally... do you have an example of the graphs for  
> TimeStatistics or BoundedRangeStatistics being wrong/how they are
> wrong?

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