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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release GShell 1.0-alpha-1
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:51:15 GMT


Jason Dillon wrote:
> Oh ya... the time is now, all you party people get out on the floor and 
> shake what your mother gave ya...
> This is the *first* _official_ release of GShell... and I invite all of 
> you to go an have a quick look over the only docs we got at the moment:
> More docs are on there way I can assure you... as well as more features, 
> functionality and fun with your command-line... aight!
>  * * *
> GShell has been a dream of mine for... er um what seems like years 
> now... oh wait it has been years.  And well, the universe has finally 
> aligned and things are falling into place quite nicely I'd say.  Some 
> external groups are already consuming these goodies, others have asked 
> me about it, and there might even been some commercial apps wanting a 
> simple/easy/kick-ass command-line (remote scriptable) interface to their 
> application on the horizon too.
> If any of you remember the JBucks days, when I whittled Twiddle out of 
> thin air as a pluggable command-line  framework (only realized to invoke 
> lame JMX muck)... well, GShell is here to carve out its own notch... or 
> well, I hope it can get sharp enough to cut something.  I think it 
> will... just believe, imagine and well we make dreams reality her in the 
> land of source which is open... na... aighty.
> Keep in mind this is an *alpha-1* release, and is a little rough (or in 
> some cases more than a little) around the corners.  I hope, with the 
> help, guidance and suggestions of the community, that we can sort though 
> all of the significant issues and polish GShell off enough to make it 
> generally mass-consumable by applications (like ServiceMix, ActiveMQ, 
> and other sister server-orient projects which need a sophisticated 
> command-line interface for administration, configuration, whatever).
> This version of GShell was inspired a little (okay... a lot) by the work 
> I've done on the Groovy projects 'groovysh' command-line tool ( 
> ).  Actually working on 
> 'groovysh' really helped me to figure out many things w/GShell... and 
> maybe one day Groovy's 'groovysh' will actually use GShell as a 
> framework, though there is a bit of work left in the core to make that a 
> reality.  For folks that haven't use my new 'groovysh', you can easily 
> have a look by using the 'groovy-maven-plugin', as in:
>     mvn groovy:shell
> You'll notice a lot of similarities between 'groovysh' and 'gsh' I'm sure.
>  * * *
> While working on this release I've come to realize that GShell and 
> Maven2 are very similar creatures... which I'll elaborate on more in the 
> future... but because of that significant functionality which is already 
> implemented in Maven2 is 90% (or sometimes more) compatible with the 
> direction GShell is headed towards.  For example, one feature alpha-2 
> will have is to allow command plugins to define 'dependencies' just as a 
> Maven project does now.  And GShell can be configured (a bit more 
> flexibly than Maven ATM) for how to find those dependencies (in a local 
> repo, in a remote repo, in some uber-jar, etc).  This will all leverage 
> the maturing Maven2 codebase.  So in some ways GShell will grow with 
> Maven2 as they both become more and more functional, stable, reliable... 
> and well ass-kicking no doubt.
> Um... crap, I'm e-babbling again; sorry.   So, lets vote and push this 
> puppy out already... ?!
> +1    Oh ya, come on baby... you know you want it
> +0    Um... I don't know what is wrong with batch personally, can't we 
> just use that?
> -1    I like cheese, cheese makes me happy... but damn it cheese won't 
> let me remotely administer my application... wtf, no way... WAIT!!!!
> So, its Friday evening, 6ish PST... so lets say _sometime_ on Tuesday 
> the 25th I'll call the vote.  That is a little more than 72 hours... so 
> get your #2 pencils out and shake what your mother gave ya...
> --jason

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