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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Moving the Monitoring Plugin Into Trunk
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2007 15:18:07 GMT

Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:
>      I see Monitoring Console as a tool, a standard J2EE Application,
> that has been packaged for a convenient installation in Geronimo. It
> talks to a geronimo specific agent to discover and monitor a geronimo
> instance running elsewhere. I do not see it as an integral part of G,
> and hence prefer /plugins. Its location in svn does not affect the
> convenience of using it. It will always be installed from 'plugins'
> portlet and will be visible as an available plugin.

IMHO, it should definitely be a plugin (as should everything we ship),
but I think it should be a plugin that is installed by default.  As
pointed out in another email, monitoring is typically shipped and active
in some form for most other application servers.  If most of the users
find it helpful to have automatically enabled, then its probably good
that we do so.  I would probably suggest as we get closer to a release
date that we get more input from users on this subject so we can make a
proper and informed decision.


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