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From "Erik B. Craig" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Moving the Monitoring Plugin Into Trunk
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 20:21:11 GMT
Kevan Miller wrote:
> OK. That's good information. But, IMO, that doesn't necessarily mean 
> we shouldn't move the monitoring plugin out of sandbox. It might mean 
> that we aren't ready to *release* the monitoring plugin. I don't think 
> we're having a *release* discussion -- at least we shouldn't be. We 
> can have the discussion that we don't want to hold up a Geronimo 2.1 
> release waiting for monitoring plugin problems to be resolved, but I'd 
> prefer we discuss without a particular timeline in mind...
> IMO, we have the following questions to answer:
> 1. Are we ready to move monitoring plugin out of sandbox?
Yes, I definitely believe so, although I might be marginally biased =P
> 2. If yes, then where should we move it to? Should it be in 
> server/trunk/plugins or should the monitoring plugin be a subproject.
I was thinking server/trunk/plugins myself... the only other option 
would be just straight plugins... however, correct me if I'm wrong on 
this, but I believe just /plugins is more for things that can be used 
independent of geronimo... which is definitely not the case for the 
monitoring plugin currently.
> 3. What bug fixes/new features need to be added to the monitoring 
> plugin before it's ready to be released?
The single biggest thing on my mind for this currently is the new 
graphing engine that I mentioned, but whether or not it's part of 
server/trunk/plugins has no bearing on this getting done.
> Anita,
> Your objections seem to be in category 3, but I may be wrong. So, help 
> us understand what you're thinking...
> --kevan

Erik B. Craig

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