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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Uninstalling an application
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 20:39:58 GMT

Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:
> --- Joe Bohn <> wrote:
>> Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:
> ..............................................
>> I'm not sure why you would have to edit config.xml.  You should be
>> able 
>> to uninstall the dependencies manually via command line or the
>> console 
>> without the need to modify config.xml manually.  The catch is that
>> you 
>> need to know what those dependencies are that were installed as a
>> result 
>> of your deployment.
>> At the moment there is nothing to remove the dependencies.  In order
>> to 
>> be able to remove dependencies that were installed we would need to
>> keep 
>> some use counts or something similar.  We had discussed this a while 
>> back with some proposals ... but at the moment nothing is
>> implemented.
>> Joe
>      I was using mrc-server-car. it installs mrc-ds-car and an ear.
> IIRC, After uninstalling mrc-server-car, shutdown and hand deleting
> mrc-ds-car, ear from G/repository, the mrc-ds-car was left in 
> config.xml. The server could not be restarted. 

Why not just uninstall all 3 using the command line or web console so 
that you don't have to manually delete or edit the config.xml?


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