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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Moving the Monitoring Plugin Into Trunk
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 17:56:11 GMT
I certainly believe it deserves a spot in trunk...this is an enhancement
to what we don't have before.  That's progress...and its pretty darn
cool too ;-)

I definitely don't want my ideas to hold up its movement...just food for
thought for down the road.


Viet Nguyen wrote:
>> Whats your thought on an adapter interface that provides for full JSR-77
>> compatibility, thus requiring EJB, or a switch that allows for pure JMX
>> remoting?  This would allow for compliance or be able to leverage the
>> management without EJB if so desired.
>> Thoughts?
> There are goods and bads to both sides to this. If we strictly follow
> JSR 77, which means we will use MEJB and are forced to have OpenEJB as
> a pre-req, we won't have to worry if our architecture is good or not
> (I hope this is right), because we're following a standard for
> monitoring and management. On the flip side, if we use JMX to get a
> hold of the statistics, we will be able to monitor any type of server.
> Doesn't necessarily have to be a Geronimo server either, as long as we
> can connect to it via JMX, which I think is a huge plus.
> With that said, I think if we decide to take the alternative JMX path,
> it can be changed later (even though this was originally how we
> implemented it). I think the important thing now, is to determine
> whether or not the monitoring plugin merits a place in trunk.

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