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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Proposal to make the Yoko ORB a subproject of Geronimo.
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 18:45:59 GMT
Below is a proposal that Matt Hogstrom, one of the mentors of the Yoko 
project, has put forward for moving on with the Yoko project.  In a 
nutshell, the Yoko community has basically decided there is not a lot of 
continuing interesting in moving this project forward.  This decision 
does have a major impact on Geronimo, as Geronimo uses the Yoko ORB was 
a key element to allow Geronimo 1.2 to support both the 1.4 and 1.5 
JVMs, and also was a necessary element for achieving j2ee5 
certification.  The Yoko ORB gives Geronimo cross JVM portability which 
was not available before.  At the current time, there's probably no 
suitable replacement that has all of the advantages that the Yoko ORB 

In a nutshell, Matt's proposal is for the core ORB elements of the Yoko 
project become a subproject of the Geronimo project.  These are the 
pieces of Yoko that Geronimo has a dependency upon.  These are 
essentially the org.omg.* clases, the javax.rmi.* classes, plus the 
implementation classes backing those spec interfaces.  Along with the 
subproject, there are 6 committers who have expressed interest in 
continuing to work on the core ORB code.  3 of the interested commiters 
are already Geronimo committers.  Matt's proposal would grant the 
remaining 3 Geronimo committer status as well.

There's one important caveat in assuming owership of this package.  The 
core ORB is also used by the Harmony project to add CORBA and RMI 
support to the Harmony JVM.  Included with assuming ownership of the 
package would be a commitment to keep the core ORB a "standalone" 
component.  This means not adding direct dependencies on Geronimo and 
keeping dependencies on other packages to a minimum. 

This code is fairly stable now, and has already passed certification on 
multiple JVM instances, so I don't expect there will be a lot of 
overhead in supporting this.  The bulk of the recent work to get this to 
pass certification have been done by Geronimo committers, so Geronimo is 
probably the most appropriate new home for this code. 

Anyway, this needs to have some discussion and be put to a vote.  Below 
is the proposal that Matt posted to the Yoko dev mailing list about this 
move.  The Yoko community seems very much in agreement that project does 
not have sufficient momentum to graduate from the incubator.


The members of project yoko have been considering the future of Yoko as 
a project.  There have been several milestones delivered and the project 
is used by other ASF projects.   The project is not as active as other 
ASF projects and it makes sense to move the code from Yoko to other 
projects.  The Yoko team has the following proposal for your consideration.

Proposed Code Donation from Project Yoko to Apache CXF and Apache Geronimo

The Yoko community has been successful in delivering several milestones 
of the ORB implementation while in the Apache Incubator.  These 
milestones are used by other Apache projects (namely Geronimo and 
Harmony) to support their releases.  The WebServices bindings are 
dependent on CXF.  The Yoko community has decided that the Yoko project 
does not have quite the momentum to carry itself as an independent 
project but has sufficient value for other projects for them to consider 
receiving the code and committers for that code-base as sub-projects.  
Since the code under consideration is used by Apache Geronimo, Apache 
CXF and Apache Harmony the movement of the code should continue to allow 
for independent releases so the code can be easily shared with other 
dependent projects.

The proposed division is:

yoko-spec-corba - this is the org.omg interface classes.
rmi-spec - this is the javax.rmi spec implementation
core - This is the actual ORB implementation.
rmi-impl - This is the implementation of the RMIIIOP support.

These modules are also used by Harmony.

In addition to the code we propose that the following committers in 
Apache Yoko be accepted as committers in Apache Geronimo given their 
demonstration of delivering code, creating releases and functioning as a 
community.  Those noted with asterisks are already Geronimo committers.

Continued involvement with the core:

Rick McGuire *
David Jencks *
Alan Cabrera  *
Lars Kuhne
Alexey Petrenko
Darren Middleman

The remainder of the modules in Yoko are part of the webservices support 
and are independent of the underlying ORB implementation.

api -- interface classes used for the web services support.
bindings -- code to implement the CORBA-Web services bindings.
tools -- tools for generation WSDL and IDL for the bindings
maven-plugin -- some maven plugins that can use the tools for generating 
binding-related build artifacts.  None of the maven-plugin code is used 
by the ORB.

There is also a distribution directory with some sample applications.  
One set of samples demonstrates using the core ORB, the other set is for 
WebServices.  We recommend that the distribution directory should move 
to Apache CXF as the webservices examples use the orb samples to bind 
them as web services.  Since Apache Geronimo's only use of CORBA is for 
exporting EJBs, these samples are not particularly valuable for Geronimo.

The Yoko community did not have any committers that expressed an 
interest in continuing work on these bindings.  As such, only the code 
would be moving to apache CXF.

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