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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Remote control of Geronimo instances - feature preview is in
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 11:00:02 GMT

As described a couple of days ago, I have just added a couple of  
commands to simplify the remote control of servers.

This is an excerpt of the commit message:

Add a couple of gshell commands to simplify the remote control of  
The commands being added are:
* alias: used to alias a commond along with some options and arguments.
etc/layout.xml provides a first aliasing mechanism: a hierarchical  
name is
mapped to a command. alias suplements this first aliasing mechanism  
with the
ability to alias a command along with its typical options and arguments.
* unalias: to remove an alias
* execute-alias: to execute an alias
* remote/rsh to start an rsh client
* remote/rsh-server to start an rsh-server
* remote-control/server-control to control a server

Samples for the aliasing commands:
// create the alias 'st' for the quoted command
 > alias st 'geronimo/start-server -G -D  
// execute the alias 'st'. This executes the command in quote above
 > excute-alias st
// display defined aliases
 > alias
// remove the alias 'st'
 > unalias st

Samples for the remote server control commands:
// start an rsh-server:
 > remote/rsh-server tcp://localhost:9999
// remote 'start' the server 'defaultServer'
 > remote-control/server-control start defaultServer
// remote 'stop' the server 'defaultServer'
 > remote-control/server-control stop defaultServer

I think this is sufficient at the moment to simplify the life of  
people who are managing many Geronimo instances.

I will now work on the clustering of Tomcat web-applications over WADI.

If people want to work on OpenEJB clustering over WADI, then please  
feel free to ping me as this is the next stuff I would like to work  
on after the Tomcat integration.


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