Hello, everyone.

This is the Greetings from Japan Apache Geronimo User Group.

We, Japan Apache Geronimo User Group , are virtual community of the Geronimo-lovers. We have more than 50 members as of today, and the communiy is managed on a volunteer basis. We really appreciate and thank you for your great work, and efforts.

Just to let you know, some of the members in our group would like to start translating the Geronimo Tech Docs into Japanese. We're in a preparation phase, and it may take some time, but our goal is publishing the translated docs to Geronimo Wiki. ( Another goal is , of cource, having fun ! as we're all volunteers and having fun in the community )

You can reach us at
geronimo-jp-member@lists.sourceforge.jp    (to all members)
geronimo-jp-translate@lists.sourceforge.jp   (to translation members)

I just wanted to say hello and thank you , and make a formal greetings.
Lastly, please keep on the good works like it has been !


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