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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] 2.1 Release
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2007 17:46:27 GMT

On Nov 1, 2007, at 10:00 AM, Kevan Miller wrote:

> I think it's time to start discussing the particulars of a 2.1  
> release.
> There's been a lot of advancements made in our plugin  
> infrastructure. There's also been the pluggable console  
> enhancements. It would be good to get a release out, with these  
> capabilities. They provide a more solid platform for future  
> enhancements, I think.
> There's also GShell and new monitoring capabilities. I'm probably  
> missing a few other new functions.
> Finally, IIUC, 2.1 would be able to support a Terracotta plugin.  
> I'd also be very interested to hear what WADI capabilities that  
> could be exposed.
> I'm willing to bang the release manager drum. I see that Joe has  
> already started tugging on the TCK chain
> What do others think? How close are we to a 2.1 release? What  
> additional capabilities and bug fixes are needed? Can we wrap up  
> development activities in the next week or two?

Let's try to wrap things up :-)

I have a few tweaks to the car-maven-plugin and plugin installer that  
I think are nearly done (GERONIMO-3579).  After that I'm planning to  
clean up the plans and remove non-generated geronimo-plugin.xml files  
and then convert LocalAttributeManager to use jaxb (GERONIMO-3580).   
This should be pretty quick.

I think we need to make sure we're all happy with the versioning and  
groupIds of the plugins following Prasad's build rearrangement.     
I'm not sure how long we should allow for this.  I hope in another  
week we'll at least have a good idea if any more changes are needed.

We need to make sure all the security review changes get into trunk.

I don't really know the status of gshell.  We might want to add a bit  
more command functionality such as easily running the server with  
remote debugging.  I haven't had a chance to look into how to do  
stuff like this.

david jencks

> --kevan

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