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From David Jencks <>
Subject Can we deal generically with container specific jsr77 statistics?
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 22:42:07 GMT
There's been some discussion on 
GERONIMO-3586 and  
about how to deal with the jetty and tomcat jsr77 statistics.  It  
might be good to try to have such discussions on the dev list...

I talked with Viet about this on IRC for a while and have an idea to  
suggest that might keep the container specific code in the containers  
and allow management code to avoid needing any container specific  

According to my IDEA project setup and Viet, the container specific  
interfaces and implementations are only used inside the jetty and  
tomcat containers to make it easier for the container to update the  
statistics.  They are not used in the monitoring plugin.  IIUC the  
problems start when you try to send e.g. a JettyWebConnectorStatsImpl  
over the wire to a monitoring app, and the object can't be deserialized.

I suggest we have in geronimo-management a StatsImpl class similar to  
the existing one but taking the name-statistic map in its constructor  
and being immutable.

Then the jetty/tomcat specific stats classes won't implement Stats at  
all but just the container specific method.  Instead of extending  
StatsImpl they will delegate to an instance they create in their  

The MEJB can return the delegate StatsImpl objects, thus avoiding any  
need for any container specific classes, and the container specific  
adapters can be in with the containers.


david jencks

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