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From "Erik B. Craig" <>
Subject Re: Can we deal generically with container specific jsr77 statistics?
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 14:38:57 GMT
At the risk of getting caught in the crossfire here...

So, lets say the classes for jetty or tomcat that extend those in
o/a/g/management/geronimo/stats reside within same package... are we then
saying that classes extending those for, say, openEJB or somesuch would also
reside here rather than within our openEJB package? If so, how would this
all play into the pluggable server/framework design?


On Nov 8, 2007 9:31 AM, Joe Bohn <> wrote:

> Anita Kulshreshtha wrote:
> > David,
> > Please see
> >
> >     To summarize, the question is whether Tomcat*Stats (and
> > Tomcat*StatsImpl) is a management interface or a tomcat interface. To
> > me, if it imports only management classes, it is a management interface
> > and its implementation which also imports ONLY management classes
> > belongs in g-management.
> >     Given that all management interfaces and their 33 implementations
> > are in g-management,
> Just to clarify the structure and the history:
> The standard Stats from the the JSR77 spec are in o/a/g/management/stats
> The "generic" Geronimo Stats which are extensions to the spec are in
> o/a/g/management/geronimo/stats
> Until recently, the o/a/g/management/geronimo/stats package only
> included generic stats classes (meaning they were not supposed to be
> specific to the implementation of the component such as Jetty or
> Tomcat).  Jetty specific classes which extended these generic classes
> were in o/a/g/jetty and the intention was that tomcat specific classes
> would be included in tomcat.
> Joe

Erik B. Craig

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