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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Distribution and start/stop of clustered deployments
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2007 10:13:42 GMT
On 21/11/2007, at 7:55 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:

>> Regarding the list-modules command, it lists all the  
>> configurations per target, i.e. configuration store.
> As Kevan also pointed out, I think that we need to consider the  
> multiple configuration stores in the console when more than one is  
> present for display and deploy (including plugins) as well as the  
> CLI.  With your changes proposed above I would presume that they  
> would always work with the default configuration store (the first  
> one returned) until they can be updated to support multiple.

Indeed: some portlets will need to be improved so that users can  
select a target configuration store. Based on the committed changes,  
these portlets now distribute to the default store.


>> Thanks,
>> Gianny
>>> --kevan

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