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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: Changes needed to the website upon PRC communication
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2007 21:45:13 GMT
okey dokey, here is what I've done:

- Added link to "ASF Sponsorship"
- Added link to "ASF Thanks!"
- Renamed "Powered By" with "Service and Support", we may have to remove this one later anyway.
- Removed "Graphics by Epic"
- Left "Powered by Google Search" untouched.


Hernan Cunico wrote:
> Hi All,
> the Apache PRC has sent a communication to all PMC's about how we (I 
> mean Apache projects in general) "thank" sponsors for their 
> contributions to the projects on the project's website. This type of 
> acknowledgment is not considered official from Apache, in fact gets in 
> the way for promoting the official ASF Sponsorship and Thanks! programs.
> Going to a more concrete example on our website, we have a "Powered By" 
> page. This page has a misleading title for a start; we have been 
> carrying this one along for a very long time and I doubt it is up to 
> date anyway. The "Powered By" page provides a list of companies 
> rendering services and support for Apache Geronimo. So, at a minimum, we 
> should change the page title to something more representative.
> The other acknowledgment we have is with "Graphics by Epiq", these are 
> folks who got voted for their designs when we overhauled the website and 
> console. This one falls into the same category as the "Powered By" page 
> for which the PRC communication seems to be specifically targeted to.
> The Search box also shows "Powered by Google Search", however this might 
> be a different case as this is an indicative of the type of search the 
> user will actually run -> external Google search on the Geronimo site.
> I just added the official "ASF Sponsorship" and "ASF Thanks" links to 
> the Community menu box on the left as instructed in the PRC 
> communication. We still need to determine how to deal with "Powered By" 
> and "Graphics by Epiq". The former should be at least renamed if not 
> removed altogether, the latter should be removed I think.
> To summarize, here are the things we need to look at
> - Add "ASF Sponsorship" and "ASF Thanks" links (it's done)
> - "Powered By" page -> rename, update, delete, ...?
> - "Graphics by Epiq" link on every page -> move, remove, ...?
> - "Powered by Google Search" text on search box.
> What you guys think?
> Cheers!
> Hernan

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