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From David Jencks <>
Subject How to switch web service providers?
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 16:26:23 GMT
I made the plugin system support the condition expressions we've been  
using to select a web service container but I can't see how to make  
it work usefully so I wonder if we need a new approach.

Previously the conditions for axis2 and cxf we different in the jetty  
and tomcat servers, so cxf was on by default for jetty and axis2 for  
tomcat.  However now these conditions are specified in the axis2 and  
cxf deployer plugins, so when installed they are going to be the same  
for jetty and tomcat.  I guess we could come up with yet more  
complicated expressions that took into account whether we are on  
jetty or tomcat but this seems like its getting ridiculous and we  
need another way.

Here are a few ideas.

1. More assemblies.  I don't think anyone really wants this.

2. gshell commands to set the web service container.  I guess we  
could run this on say the tomcat assembly to switch it to axis2  
before we pack it up.  Well, actually we could use this so we only  
ship one server and use such commands to turn it into a jetty or  
tomcat server.

3. gshell commands to remove sets of unneeded plugins: this would  
more permanently convert a server to axis2 or cxf only.  However I  
think this is fairly appropriate.  Again this could be used to get  
all non-framework servers out of one big distro.

4. gshell commands to download and install specific servers starting  
from framework.

I'd actually like the gshell commands for 2,3,4 anyway but I'm  
wondering if any of them will actually provide a good solution for  
this problem.

thoughts?  Anyone have a better idea?

david jencks

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