This was last week, I believe.  Probably earlier in the week.  It was when those errors with the j2g build regarding CompilationUnit were occuring.  I was going to take a look myself, but apparently eclipse would have none of that. 

On 10/1/07, Lin Sun <> wrote:
Wow!  Did you happen to remember when that was?  Was it downloading a
3.3 RC2 or 3.3?   I haven't had any prob in downloading 3.3, which seems
take less than 10 mins.   3.3 RC2 was fine too if downloading from
Sachin's site using maven dependency download (not the maven ant run).


Jason Warner wrote:
> The last time I built j2g, it took 248 minutes total to build.  The bulk
> of that time was downloading eclipse.  This is what caused me to make
> that post before about the change in information provided on a
> download.  I was kind of hoping to see what kind of download speed I was
> getting.  I actually had the same issue with the WTP adapter when
> building trunk for the eclipse plugin.
> On 10/1/07, *Lin Sun* <
> < >> wrote:
>     Has anyone been able to build the latest j2g in devtools trunk, after
>     Donald switched to use Eclipse 3.3 RC2?   I have been trying to build it
>       both at work and home but it seems taking forever to download the
>     RC2-200705251350/ file.  I think switching
>     to Sachin's private repo can fix this but I want to rule out the
>     possibility that the way he set up his private repo made the previous
>     build worked.
>     Thanks, Lin