I was able to successfully build j2g from the current trunk in devtools.
Seems as though the archives.eclipse.org server does not have very much bandwidth allocated to it, as the full build took a grand total of 172 minutes.

On 10/1/07, Lin Sun <linsun.unc@gmail.com> wrote:
Has anyone been able to build the latest j2g in devtools trunk, after
Donald switched to use Eclipse 3.3 RC2?   I have been trying to build it
  both at work and home but it seems taking forever to download the
RC2-200705251350/eclipse-SDK-3.3RC2-win32.zip file.  I think switching
to Sachin's private repo can fix this but I want to rule out the
possibility that the way he set up his private repo made the previous
build worked.

Thanks, Lin

Erik B. Craig