Actually, I'm suggesting we pull the web services out of DayTrader all together and write another web services sample app. If DayTrader is truly meant to be a "performance benchmark", why would you leave something in there that is in clear violation of performance best practices. Doesn't exactly send the right message if you ask me.

On 10/2/07, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:

On Oct 1, 2007, at 11:23 PM, Christopher Blythe wrote:

> Matt...
> In summary, I guess I really just wanted to say that I feel the web
> services modes in DayTrader should be removed at least until we can
> come up with something better. If the only reason to keep these
> around is to provide a "sample" and not a performance benchmark,
> lets come up with some other sample that demonstrates web services.

You make a good point about the WebServices.  I'd suggest that we
document the current limitations of comparing these WebServices in
performance benchmarks.  That should help to set everyone's
expectations about the relevant usefulness of the data.

For WebServices it sounds like your suggesting that we deprecate web
services for performance work rather than for functional purposes
like was done for the MDB primitives.  I'd be for adding the warning
in a readme.

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