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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: [PLEASE read before you commit]: Restructuring trunk in SVN !!!
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 22:10:57 GMT
GERONIMO-3565 has now checked in the new restructured trunk  into svn.

The default profile will build the new trunk pieces.

The -Dstage=former profile will build the old trunk pieces.

Let's closely monitor the automated builds, testsuites and TCK results.

If everything is going smoothly, I shall remove the old trunk pieces
by eod, Thursday, Nov 1 2007.


On 10/30/07, Prasad Kashyap <> wrote:
> I am restructuring the trunk in svn to reflect our flexible server.
> Instead of a move, it will be a two-step copy/delete process. I shall
> first begin by copying some directories to other directories. Server
> binaries will be built from the newly created directories. After they
> have gone thro' 2 days of automated builds, testsuites and TCK
> smoketests, I shall remove the old directories.
> So until further notice, please commit all your changes to both
> directories, old and new.
> Most modules and config directories have gone into their feature
> specific directory under plugins. For eg, changes to
> configs/myfaces-deployer should be made to that dir and also to
> plugins/myfaces/myfaces-deployer.
> A few modules and configs have been copied into framework directory
> (to build framework assembly).
> For a more detailed discussion about the restructuring, please see
> this thread -
> Cheers
> Prasad

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