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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: deploying snapshots of the samples to a new location in m2-snapshot-repo
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 16:00:36 GMT
While a part of me seems to agree with you that we should remove the
zip file from the samples' wiki pages, a greater part of me feels that
we may be forcing some our users to now get SVN.

A user who just downloads and installs from a binary server will have
no need for svn. But just to get to the samples, he now has to get

Then he has to get maven to play with the samples. So we are making
him jump thro' many hoops just to see our prized samples.



On 10/29/07, Jarek Gawor <> wrote:
> On 10/29/07, Paul McMahan <> wrote:
> >
> > One other question -- should we try to have parity between what's in
> > samples/trunk and what's in the samples section of the wiki?  Are
> > there barriers, technical or otherwise, that make this difficult?
> >
> >
> >
> Yes, definitely. That was the goal for 2.0 samples at least. The wiki
> documentation should be up to date (expect the artifact version) and
> all the code in wiki should be in the samples svn. If anything, I
> would like to remove the attached sample .zip files from the wiki and
> instead direct the users to checkout the sample code from svn.
> Also, I think we should release samples at the same time (or close to)
> when we release Geronimo.
> Jarek

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