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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: config.xml changes
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 21:54:15 GMT

On Oct 31, 2007, at 2:02 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:

> I'm having a difficult time understanding the changes to  
> config.xml. Can somebody help me out?  How do things work now,  
> where are they headed, and can include optional items for users  
> still via comments?
> I apologize if I missed a dev post about the changes already.
> I was used to config.xml in the source for each assembly that  
> included things like:
> - it was formatted to be easily read
> - it included items which were commented out to help users making  
> common changes.
> - I know it didn't include a complete list of the all the gbeans  
> but it had most of them that a user might need to touch.
> Now:
> - config.xml it no longer exists in src for each assembly.  I  
> assume it is generated via the build.  Does it use info in the pom  
> for the assembly to create the target config.xml?

It's assembled from the snippets in the geronimo-plugins.xml
> - it is not formatted so it's a bit more difficult to read.
We probably need to use jaxb to read-write it to solve this one.   
I'll look into this.
> - it does not include comments or tips for the user on how to  
> enable/disable function - it would be nice if we could get some of  
> that get that back.
Maybe we need to put the comments into the geronimo-plugins.xml for  
each plugin?
> - Finally, I don't see all the same content in there that we had  
> before.  For example, I was looking for TomcatEngine gbean but I  
> don't see that in the config.xml for the tomcat-javaee5 server in  
> trunk.  On the other hand, I see a GBean def for TomcatWebContainer  
> that wasn't in the 2.0.2 config.xml.
I thought I constructed the geronimo-plugins.xml content by copying  
the appropriate stuff from the old config.xml.  I might have missed  
something.  In any case by editing the plugins' pom (the source of  
this config) you can get the gbeans you want into config.xml.

david jencks
> Joe

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