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From Lin Sun <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Remaining work items before we create a J2G 1.0.0 branch?
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 19:02:17 GMT
Hi Kevan,

Thanks for the feedback!  I have addressed your comment No. 1 below in 
rev 586078.

For No.2, I added dom4j, pull-parser and jaxen in the notice.txt.   I 
also added notice for commons-logging.  I don't see a notice file for 
commons-el, jasper-runtime, jasper-compiler, or jasper-compiler-jdt.

I only made changes in the license and notice files in the j2g\trunk\ 
dir.  Once you approve them, I'll copy them over to various other 
directories.  Thanks.


Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Oct 17, 2007, at 10:49 PM, Lin Sun wrote:
>> Hi Kevan, I've marked G3309 as resolved.  I documented my analysis in 
>> the latest few comments I added in the JIRA.  If there is anything 
>> else that is missing from a legal point of view, please let me know.
> Hi Lin,
> That's great. Thanks for working on this. A few comments:
> 1. Artifacts that are AL2 licensed can still be mentioned in the license 
> file. Although not necessary, it's good for completeness. Just say the 
> following are licensed under ALv2: commons-logging, etc.
> 2. I think the NOTICE file needs a bit more attention. Even though 
> projects are ALv2 licensed, we need to reproduce their NOTICE 
> attributions as appropriate. Also, our notice file should mention dom4j, 
> pull-parser, and jaxen and reproduce the copyrights that are in their 
> licenses. The pull-parser license requires the following acknowledgement:
>     "This product includes software developed by the Indiana
>      University Extreme! Lab.  For further information please visit
> The appropriate location for this acknowledgement is the NOTICE file.
> I'll look a bit more...
> --kevan

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