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From Lin Sun <>
Subject Re: request for devtools doc for developing in eclipse
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 19:47:00 GMT
I think one reason is to make sure the latest plugin (which requires a 
particular version of eclipse + WTP) supports different major releases 
of geronimo in case people still want to use the older version or while 
they migrate their projects from older versions of geronimo to the newer 


Jarek Gawor wrote:
> Also, yesterday I could not find documentation where to checkout/look
> at the source code of the plugin. The build page appeared to be empty.
> On a related note, once I checked out the code from svn and started
> building the plugin, it started downloading Geronimo 1.1 and 1.2 bits.
> So I was wondering what is the reason for the plugin to support all
> previous versions of Geronimo?. Why not have a plugin that's specific
> to a particular version of Geronimo? For example, plugin 2.0.x
> supports and works only with G 2.0.x.
> Jarek
> On 10/2/07, Ted Kirby <> wrote:
>> Can someone put updated doc for developing the geronimo eclipse and
>> J2G plugins in the wiki, and link to them from the devtools home page?
>> has
>> doc for the 1.x plugin.  There is a link to a blank page for the
>> eclipse plugin from the devtools page, but no similar link for j2g.
>> This would be helpful.  I tried to find that blank page for the
>> eclipse plugin in the wiki to update it, but was unsuccessful.  What
>> is the URL for the wiki page to
>> ?  Or, is this not a page that is generally accessible?
>> Thanks,
>> Ted Kirby

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