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From Orion Letizi <>
Subject geronimo terracotta plugin demo
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 00:20:33 GMT
On Monday, we demonstrated the bitchen geronimo terracotta plugin that Jeff Genender wrote.
 Here are the notes I took about todo items, etc:

  - Geronimo release will coincide with Terracotta release in Nov.
  - TODO for that release:
    - Fix geronimo plugin pom.xml (gary k. has already dont this, but couldn't build the plugin
on windows)
    - publish terracotta plugin artifacts to maven repo
    - documentation

    - move plugin to forge
      - make sure Jeff has commit rights to forg>e
      - this will have the nice side benefit of continuous integration (see <>
for details)

  - sometime soon, we'll want to add the right magic to get the plugin tests run by the forge
CI machine

  - nice feature adds, not necessary for initial plugin release:
    - unwind terracotta plugin install:
        - safe start
	- rename rc.d files
    - rebuilding the boot jar on change
      - groovy editing.  checking date/time stamps on config
    - geronimo console portlets
      - configuration editor portlet
      - tc admin console portlet

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