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From annaiah <>
Subject Re: getting invalid option: -javaagent:
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2007 08:29:00 GMT

We would like  to know how to set this -javaagent parameter in JAVA_OPTS.
We are facing some problem while running the geronima batch file with
geronima debug command .  
I have copied the console message below after running the command geronima
I have made the font bold at the place of occurrence of the problem.

E:\geronimo-1.1.1\bin>call "E:\geronimo-1.1.1\bin\setJavaEnv.bat"
xyz Profiler Home:   C:\Xyzprofiler3.0
classpath:      .;C:\Xyzprofiler3.0\lib\aspectjrt.jar;C:\Xyzprofiler3.0\li
Using GERONIMO_BASE:   E:\geronimo-1.1.1
Using GERONIMO_HOME:   E:\geronimo-1.1.1
Using GERONIMO_TMPDIR: E:\geronimo-1.1.1\var\temp
Using JRE_HOME:        C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_02
Note: The jdb debugger will start Geronimo in another process and connect to

      To terminate Geronimo when running under jdb, run the "geronimo stop"
      in another window.  Do not use Ctrl-C as that will terminate the jdb
      (the debugger itself) but will not stop the Geronimo process.
JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_02
Radien Profiler Home:   C:\Xyzprofiler3.0
classpath:      C:\Xyzprofiler3.0;C:\Xyzprofiler3.0\lib\agent.jar;
classssssssssssss pathhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  JVM_ARGS: "-Xruninfprof"

// facing problem here

invalid option: -javaagent:C:\Xyzprofiler3.0\lib\ajweaver.jar     
Usage: jdb <options> <class> <arguments>

where options include:
    -help             print out this message and exit
    -sourcepath <directories separated by ";">
                      directories in which to look for source files
    -attach <address>
                      attach to a running VM at the specified address using
dard connector
    -listen <address>
                      wait for a running VM to connect at the specified
using standard connector
                      wait for a running VM to connect at any available
using standard connector
                      launch VM immediately instead of waiting for 'run'

    -listconnectors   list the connectors available in this VM
    -connect <connector-name>:<name1>=<value1>,...
                      connect to target VM using named connector with listed
ument values
    -dbgtrace [flags] print info for debugging jdb
    -tclient          run the application in the Hotspot(tm) Performance
    -tserver          run the application in the Hotspot(tm) Performance

options forwarded to debuggee process:
    -v -verbose[:class|gc|jni]
                      turn on verbose mode
    -D<name>=<value>  set a system property
    -classpath <directories separated by ";">
                      list directories in which to look for classes
    -X<option>        non-standard target VM option

<class> is the name of the class to begin debugging
<arguments> are the arguments passed to the main() method of <class>

For command help type 'help' at jdb prompt


Please let me know , where the problem is occurring. 

Ted Kirby-2 wrote:
> Can you show the full java command-line invocation that is starting the
> server?
> Thanks,
> Ted Kirby
> On 10/12/07, annaiah <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> we are running our application  on Geronimo,  we want our apllication to
>> be
>> profile by making use of a profiler to know details like CPU usage
>> memory,time.
>> So we are calling profiler in geronimo batch file.
>> when we debug the geronimo batch file , we are getting the following
>> message.
>> invalid option: -javaagent:C:\Profiler\lib\xyz.jar
>> the same profiler is working for other apllication server like JBoss, but
>> not working well with the
>> geronimo.
>> we are unable to trace  where the problem is .
>> please could u tell where we are going wrong.
>> --
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