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From Jay McHugh <>
Subject Re: Interested in Contributing
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2007 17:32:24 GMT
Welcome Joseph,

If you see a Jira that you are interested in and it is not assigned - you can just email the
list to let them know that you would like to work on it.

If you see one that is assigned but no recent work appears to have been done on it then you
could email the list to ask whether or not it is being worked on and offer help.

I think that I would probably skip this particular Jira (someone else may disagree) only because
there is very little (or no) active work being done on version 1. 

Versions 2.0.x and trunk (version 2.1.x) are where most of the attention is being placed.

Also, send in your Jira ID so that you can be set up to have Jiras assigned to you.


Joseph Leong <> wrote: I'm really interested in contributing to
this project, and i saw Jira GERONIMO-2251 was available.  Seems like a good one to get my
feet wet.  I'm not too familiar with what the etiquette is in the geronimo community... is
it free game for me to take a stab at it? 

Joseph Leong

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