As with Jason, I agree. This should probably be moved out of sandbox and into dev tools at this point, but I am unfamiliar with the process and lack access if it would just be a simple move that wouldn't require a vote.
Am I correct in guessing the ultimate destination for a binary release of j2g would be the apache mirror servers as our Geronimo server releases go to, or would it just reside in perhaps the SVN repository, or maybe a committer's personal apache web space?

Erik B. Craig

On 9/4/07, Hernan Cunico <> wrote:
so, how is the process to move something out of the sandbox?
I'm not too sure it's a good idea to serve the 3mb plugin from the cwiki. Actually, we should update the J2G wiki pages to point somewhere else for downloading this tool. What that "somewhere else" would be?


Viet Nguyen wrote:
> let's move it to dev tools first,
> +1