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From "Guillaume Nodet" <>
Subject Re: OSGifying org.apache.geronimo.specs
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 01:42:55 GMT
Wait, wait....
I'm just talking about making the needed changes to add the manifest
entries so that the current jars can be recognized as valid OSGi
bundles.  This can be easily done using the felix maven plugin.   The
jars would be a minor update of the existing ones and would be
published to the same location (the maven repo).
The goal is just to have these jars available to use in an OSGi
environment for other projects.

On 9/21/07, Donald Woods <> wrote:
> Can this be added to the existing Maven2 spec builds?
> Is there a maven plugin for generating OSGi bundles?
> Where will these artifacts get published to?  Do we need to setup an Eclipse
> style update site, for more than just our Devtools projects?
> -Donald
> Guillaume Nodet wrote:
> > For ServiceMix 4.0, which will be based on OSGi, I will need to have
> > OSGified versions of some of the spec jars that geronimo provides.
> > It's quite easy to do in ServiceMix (see
> >
> > for servlet, j2ee-management, jms mainly), but I think it would be
> > more useful for other projects if the specs jars were bundles
> > themselves.
> >
> > This is quite a simple process that can be done incrementally without
> > any real side effect and low risk of regression.  So unless someone
> > objects, I'd like to start working on that.
> >

Guillaume Nodet

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