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From David Jencks <>
Subject Questions about geronimo-plugin.xml content
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 00:34:29 GMT
I've been working on generating geronimo-plugin.xml from the pom.xml  
and am really confused about what should be in some of the elements.   
I wonder if we need to add more information for more clarity.

For instance, the dojo configs currently say:

     <author>Dojo Foundation</author>
     <license osi-approved="true">BSD and Academic Free License v2.1</ 

This is appropriate for dojo itself but I think its misleading for  
our repackaging of dojo to run in geronimo.

Since we are distributing the car file from apache I think the  
license has to be asl2.  That's certainly what we're including in the  
car file itself.

Similarly the dojo guys don't know anything about our distribution so  
pointing to them seems a bit misleading.

What I can set up automatically from the pom uses the info there,  
which I think is more appropriate.  I get

     <author>The Apache Geronimo development community</author>
     <license osi-approved="true">The Apache Software License,  
Version 2.0</license>

I think it would be more appropriate to put the stuff about the dojo  
organization in the description or in some additional optional  
"content-author" type elements.


david jencks

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