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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r577890 - in /geronimo/server: branches/2.0/modules/geronimo-deployment/src/main/java/org/apache/geronimo/deployment/xmlbeans/ branches/2.0/modules/geronimo-j2ee-schema/src/test/resources/geronimo/ branches/2.0/modules/geronimo-jetty6
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 21:13:35 GMT

On Sep 25, 2007, at 12:38 PM, Jarek Gawor wrote:

> Vamsi,
> In general I think we agree on how things should be handled when
> schema changes. Also, the patch I looked at had schema changes made in
> the existing .xsd files and I assumed that the new files would be
> introduced in trunk only. But since nobody else has an issue with that
> change, that's fine. We just have to remember to publish the new
> schemas on the website and (eventually) update the eclipse plugin.

Several people have expressed their concerns about this change. I  
must confess that I'm not entirely comfortable with the change  
either. I don't think there's a black and white answer. Obviously,  
Vamsi would prefer that the change go into 2.0.2. We could always  
retag 2.0.2 and call it 2.1. However, that doesn't feel right either.  
I'd thought about the required documentation changes, but don't  
really know how to evaluate the plugin impacts. I'd like to hear  
about this from an eclipse plugin perspective...

I think Vamsi has done a commendable job of communicating with the  
community (one minor quibble: don't use Jira as a group communication  
mechanism. Not all people read Jira comments as actively as they read  
the dev list).

Even with this communication, it's quite reasonable for Jarek or  
anyone to express their concerns about a commit. He, or any other  
project member, can do this *at any time*.


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