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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: update on the pluggable admin console
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 00:18:25 GMT
This is kick ass awesome... :-)


> On Sep 10, 2007, at 5:03 PM, Paul McMahan wrote:
>> Recent work on GERONIMO-3413 provides a new admin console with two  
>> main improvements:
>> -  New system modules and 3rd party plugins can dynamically add  
>> and remove their portlets in the admin console
>> -  It has a smaller footrpint and minimal requirements on what's  
>> running in the server.  You can, for example, use this new console  
>> in the minimal assemblies where Dojo and many jee5 components are  
>> not present.  As you customize your server the corresponding admin  
>> portlets are dynamically added/removed from the admin console.
>> To try it out, build yourself a 2.1-SNAPSHOT minimal assembly or  
>> you can use a jee5 assembly if you undeploy the old admin console  
>> first.  Then:
>> -  svn co 
>> console/trunk
>> -  cd trunk
>> -  mvn install
>> -  <G>/bin/ install-plugin console-tomcat/target/console- 
>>   (for tomcat)
>>      or
>> -  <G>/bin/ install-plugin console-jetty/target/console- 
>>   (for jetty)
>> Then at:
>>     http://localhost:8080/console
>> you will see the "base" console that only has the portlets for  
>> deployment, plugin management, security, etc.   The other admin  
>> portlets you might recall from the old admin console can be  
>> selectively installed from the plugins available at:
>> using steps similar to above.  Note, the directory, roller,  
>> spring, and tuscany plugins in that area of svn don't provide  
>> admin console portlets yet.  Actually I don't know if those  
>> plugins are compatible with Geronimo 2.1-SNAPSHOT since David has  
>> implemented a lot of improvements to the plugin system lately.
>> Like I mentioned above,  in 2.1-SNAPSHOT the old admin console is  
>> still pre-deployed in the jee5 assemblies while we figure out how  
>> to restructure svn and the build process around the plugin  
>> concepts.  The new admin console is implemented as a plugin  
>> outside of server/trunk, so it should be easy to swap out the  
>> console bits out once we have everything else in place.  If we  
>> want to support the new console in an upcoming 2.0.x release of  
>> Geronimo then David's recent changes to the car-maven-plugin,  
>> plugin schema, and plugin installer would need to be backported to  
>> the 2.0 branch, if that's appropriate.
>> Also, I have some of the artifacts staged in my personal ASF area  
>> so that it's easier for you to build and test things out.  After a  
>> few days for collecting feedback I will deploy those artifacts to  
>> the ASF snapshot repo if no major issues are identified.
>> Various todos:
>> -  drive out the remaining bugs and rough spots.  Like the JMX  
>> viewer has some problems.
>> -  fix weird http session problem in jetty, don't know if its a  
>> bug in jetty, pluto, or the console code
>> -  try to simplify the security model
>> -  update the doc on wiki
>> -  clean up poms
>> Best wishes,
>> Paul

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