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From David Jencks <DAVID_JEN...@YAHOO.COM>
Subject Tranql wrappers in 2.0.2 -- help requested to see if they all work.
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 22:00:10 GMT
I've modified 2.0.2 to include the tranql connector wrappers.  The  
derby, db2, and oracle ones have I believe actually been tested with  
real apps.  My first attempt to release postgres and mysql wrappers  
was pretty disasterous so I've deployed snapshots and deployed them  
to the codehaus snapshot repo.

I'm hoping people who actually have postgresql and mysql running  
could try deploying connectors for them through the console and see  
if they actually work.  I've tried deploying and they seem to deploy  
ok for me but I don't have anything to connect to.

I've added gbeans for the connectors to both jetty and tomcat web  

I have not included this stuff in trunk since I have hopes of finding  
a different way than boilerplate-jee to include them and the  
configuration stuff should go into a console plugin.

david jencks

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