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From Paul McMahan <>
Subject Re: Plugin stuff
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 14:36:02 GMT
On Sep 3, 2007, at 1:55 PM, David Jencks wrote:

> I've committed what I have so far:
> - use new plugin schema
> - generate geronimo-plugin.xml files for each car from pom.xml
> - generate plan environment section from explicitly listed car- 
> maven-plugin configuration instead of from maven dependencies.  We  
> check that each dependency listed in the maven plugin config is  
> actually present in the maven dependencies section.
> - moved car plans to src/main/plan/plan.xml
> - include plan in the car for reference.

Thanks David this is great stuff!

> - The cli search-plugins and console plugin installer work, but  
> only sort of.  For instance they don't show you which plugins are  
> installed or would have problems due to prerequisite or obsoletes  
> problems.  I'm hoping someone less clueless about uis can help with  
> this part.

I can probably help some on this.  If the details are still fresh on  
your mind then you might want to capture them in a JIRA or I'll just  
ping you on IRC if necessary when I get a chance to take a look  
(hopefully this week).

Best wishes,

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