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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Plugin progress
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2007 02:21:06 GMT
With a little more work I'm now able to start with framework and add  
jetty, jasper, and jetty-admin and get a working web console

I guess maybe the next step is to make the car-maven-plugin:assemble  
use the plugin-install features so it builds up the config.xml and  
other config files.

One or more gshell commands to deal with plugins would be pretty nice  

It might be worthwhile to try to figure out how we want to present  
this to users.  We should be at the point where if they package their  
applications as plugins then by installing those plugins into g- 
framework you get a minimal server for running those applications.

david jencks

On Sep 12, 2007, at 3:34 AM, David Jencks wrote:

> I think I resolved most of the "resolve to wrong version" problems  
> (basically #3 below), and I managed to start with framework and  
> deploy plugins until I got a working web console (jetty, and the  
> old non-modular console).
> There are still a bunch of weirdnesses going on such as openejb  
> having NCDFE but this seems to me like a significant step towards  
> plugin usability.
> There may be other problems such as I'm not sure the gbean configs  
> are getting copied into config.xml properly.  I'll keep looking at  
> this stuff.
> thanks
> david jencks
> On Sep 11, 2007, at 12:13 AM, David Jencks wrote:
>> I've now updated enough of the configs so  we can see if we can  
>> assemble them into a server.  It would be great if some one else  
>> could take a look at some of the remaining ones, list at the end  
>> of this email.  To get your own list of un-cleaned-up configs  
>> build g, fire it up, and run search-plugins from the command line  
>> deployer: the <no category> ones aren't done yet.
>> To provide a more reasonable sized testbed for assembling servers  
>> out of plugins I also shrank geronimo-framework to the minimum  
>> possible size: rmi-naming plus enough security to enable the  
>> command line deployer to connect to it.
>> So, while some parts of plugin installation work, overall it  
>> doesn't.  I keep seeing plugin installation pull in the wrong  
>> version of jars and cars and sometimes not find jars that are  
>> present in the local maven repo.
>> Here are the problems I've noted so far, in order of discovery:
>> 1. While reviewing config poms I saw some suspicious  
>> dependencies.  Axis and Axis2 depend on openejb which subverts any  
>> attempt to run axis web services on a minimal server.  The openejb- 
>> deployer requires openejb to be running which subverts any attempt  
>> to deploy offline while another server is running on the same  
>> machine (port conflicts).
>> 2. Figuring out which repository to look in doesn't work yet.   
>> While what is specified in the geronimo-plugin.xml and geronimo- 
>> plugins.xml does appear to be honored, using these isn't  
>> compatible with developing and testing plugins, since while a  
>> plugin is being worked on you want to use only your local repo but  
>> after its published you don't (unless perhaps its is hooked up to  
>> some kind of maven proxy)  I wonder if  having a "default" repo  
>> configured in the plugin installer system would work, or perhaps  
>> merging the repos at the end of geronimo-plugins.xml with those in  
>> each geronimo-plugin.xml.
>> 3. version resolution appears to have some serious problems.  I  
>> think pretty much all of the geronimo-plugin.xmls contain versions  
>> for every jar (something I'm hoping to change) but I ran into a  
>> lot of problems.  First most of the artifacts got resolved to the  
>> 2.0.1 released artifacts which didn't work because the car files  
>> didn't have valid geronimo-plugin.xmls in them.  After I removed  
>> all my 2.0.1 artifacts things were slightly better until I got to  
>> something that wouldn't resolve at all, xbean-reflect 3.2- 
>> SNAPSHOT.  The jar is in my local repo but for some reason it  
>> wasn't found.
>> 4. I am doubting more and more that the current "requires" and  
>> "obsoletes" data are appropriate. For instance, most of the web  
>> apps "require" jetty (or tomcat, pick your flavor).  IMO this is  
>> the wrong idea.  If I want to install one of these web apps, it  
>> should install the web server if it's not already present.  What I  
>> think is more appropriate would be if I'm trying to install a  
>> jetty web app and tomcat is installed it should complain: if no  
>> other web server is installed then it should install jetty for me.
>> 5.  Trying to extract information about what went wrong is really  
>> hard and unpleasant.
>> 6.  With the CTS configs that happen to be on my machine, there  
>> are 93.  This is a lot to wade through.  We need a better way of  
>> organizing them, at least on the command line.  Perhaps providing  
>> a list of categories to pick from, then the plugins from that  
>> category, would be more manageable.  Also a "deploy this from this  
>> maven repo" command would be good: this might exist but I haven't  
>> found it yet.
>> thanks
>> david jencks
>>    <no category>
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Welcome app Jetty
>>         8 :  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Unavailable Client Deployer
>>         9 :  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: GBean Deployer
>>         11:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Shared Library
>>         12:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: System Database
>>         13:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Application Client Deployments
>>         14:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: J2EE Client transaction
>>         15:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: CLI Upgrade
>>         16:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Unavailable EJB Deployer
>>         17:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Plan Upgrade
>>         20:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Shutdown
>>         21:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: JSR88 JAR Configurer
>>         23:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Welcome app Tomcat
>>         24:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Corba J2EE Client
>>         25:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Client System
>>         26:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: JSR88 EAR Configurer
>>         27:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: GBean Deployer Boostrap version
>>         28:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: JSR88 DeploymentFactory
>>         29:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Servlet Examples for Tomcat
>>         33:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: JSR88 CLI
>>         34:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: J2EE Client
>>         35:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Unavailable Web Services Deployer
>>         36:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: UDDI Tomcat
>>         37:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: Servlet Examples for Jetty
>>         38:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: UDDI Jetty6
>>         39:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: J2EE Client Security
>>         40:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: JSR88 RAR Configurer
>>         43:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)
>>   Geronimo Configs :: JSR88 WAR Configurer
>>         45:  (2.1-SNAPSHOT)

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