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From Anita Kulshreshtha <>
Subject Re: EJB Data for monitoring
Date Sat, 08 Sep 2007 02:04:34 GMT

--- David Blevins <> wrote:

> So I'm thinking of adding some monitoring ability on the EJB side of 
> things in the not too distant future 


and am wondering how things need
> to work on the Geronimo side of that picture.

    Geronimo would need the following values (JSR77.6.11 through
JSR77.6.16 of
    1. Number of times the beans create/remove method was called 
    2. Number of beans in the method-ready state
    3. For StatefulSessionBean - 1, 2, and 
          Number of beans that are in the passivated state
    4. For StatelessSessionBean - 1, and 2
    5. For EntityBean - 1, and 
          Number of bean instances in the ready state
          Number of bean instances in the pooled state

    6. For MessageDrivenBean - 1, and 
          Number of messages received
     Geronimo will make these counts available via "stats" attribute of
the GBeans representing each of the EJBs. Once this is done the stats
will be viewable on the console. More work needs to be done to have a
graphical view and logging of this data.


> How does monitoring work now in the console? 
 Specifically some  
> details on how the data is getting to where it's going (mbeans?),  
> where is it being aggregated and for how long, and what technique is 
> used to graph/display it?  
> Also, who would want to work on the console part of the EJB data?
> -David

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