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From "Erik B. Craig" <>
Subject [UPDATE] Server monitoring and Management plugin
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 14:40:40 GMT

After a round of improvements to the monitoring and management plugin that
Viet an I have been working on (, we felt it was time to
update everyone on where things are at, and hopefully get a good deal of
feedback and perhaps a feel for the direction everyone thinks would be best
for this.

Since the last time we brought it to the dev list, the method in which data
is collected has been changed to utilize the JSR77 defined statistics.
Currently we have implemented this for the Tomcat connectors
'TomcatWebConnector', 'TomcatWebSSLConnector', and 'TomcatAJPConnector'.
This information is still having 'snapshots' taken, and is then stored
locally at a set interval (now defined in a configuration file) in an XML
file. There are still some issues revolving around surfacing the equivalent
statistics for Jetty (We have tomcat CONNECTORS, but jetty CONTAINERS),
largely due to geronimo losing a handle on them since jetty6, but it is
being worked on. In addition to Jetty, we're also looking at getting MEJB
stats surfaced and tracked very soon down the road... and if anyone has any
other suggestions for what you think should be able to be collected, it
would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to using JSR77 on the mrc-server component, there are a number
of other improvements, including
* Archiving of snapshot data in a zip file every month - prevent the single
active file from getting too large
* Ability to start/stop the statistics collection thread
* Specify the duration between snapshots
* Ability to modify mbean attributes
* Ability to add mbeans to track in the snapshot process

As far as the client side of things goes...

The plugin has been updated to be deployable on the latest iteration of the
plugable console Paul has been working on, and is working fully on the
latest 2.1 trunk with the plugable console deployed. It is also now doing
page generation through JSPs from the portlet, where as previously it was
simple line prints to the http response. The graphing is now far more
dynamic, and able to accept any time frame (in minutes) from
2*snapshotduration up to however high you can count (or fit into an integer,
whichever comes first). If there is not enough snapshot data to generate the
requested graph, 'older' data will be inserted with values of 0. If there
are gaps in the snapshots (I.E. the snapshot time of element 1 vs. element 2
is greater than the snapshot duration), the client will fill in dummy data
between the two, so that the time frame and stamps on the generated graph is
accurate. (To be further improved to indicate gaps via highlighting on the

In addition to this, determining exactly 'what' is being graphed is now
dynamically done depending on what is being collected on the server side.
This will further be improved through a configuration page and file on the
client side, that will allow enabling or disabling of graphs for statistics
being collected on the server side , as well as configuring exactly how they
are displayed (color, axis labels, size, etc).

For some more information on the current status, check out the jira link
above, or the wiki page here

Again - all feedback, questions, suggestions would be greatly appreciated

On a side note - would it be possible to get an iteration of this stuff
checked into either sandbox of the plugins directory? It would certainly
make things much easier for collaboration and revision control =)


Erik B. Craig

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