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From "Erik B. Craig" <>
Subject Re: Adding j2g to site
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 19:22:58 GMT
As with Jason, I agree. This should probably be moved out of sandbox and
into dev tools at this point, but I am unfamiliar with the process and lack
access if it would just be a simple move that wouldn't require a vote.
Am I correct in guessing the ultimate destination for a binary release of
j2g would be the apache mirror servers as our Geronimo server releases go
to, or would it just reside in perhaps the SVN repository, or maybe a
committer's personal apache web space?

Erik B. Craig

On 9/4/07, Hernan Cunico <> wrote:
> so, how is the process to move something out of the sandbox?
> I'm not too sure it's a good idea to serve the 3mb plugin from the cwiki.
> Actually, we should update the J2G wiki pages to point somewhere else for
> downloading this tool. What that "somewhere else" would be?
> Cheers!
> Hernan
> Viet Nguyen wrote:
> > let's move it to dev tools first,
> >
> > +1

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