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From "Karl Pauls" <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] What next?
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 15:18:00 GMT
> > Getting 2.0.1 out the door was a great step and now might be a good
> > time to start discussing where we want geronimo to head next.  Here
> > are some ideas I've had or think are important.  If I were to try to
> > write actual sentences about all of this I'd probably never send the
> > email so this is way too fragmentary but maybe can spark more
> > discussion.  I'm hoping everyone will chime in with their interests
> > and viewpoints, this is just what I've been thinking about lately.
> ...
> > Core
> > Better Spring application management
> > Investigate OSGI and figure out how it is different from what we are
> > doing, what it can do better, and what is missing from it.  Figure
> > out an integration strategy whether it be "run OSGI as an
> > application" or "replace the kernel with OSGI"  Don't break stuff if
> > we start using OSGI more :-)

In my experience, it makes sense to go down the "replace the kernel
with OSGi" route. Most projects start with the other approach but in
the end realize that it is a lot more work without many of the
benefits :-)

> > Figure out what to do with our "config.ser" in modules/
> > configurations.  At least get it into real xml, maybe using something
> > like jaxb with schema/gbean.
> Great list Dave! I couldn't think of any functionality you left out in
> the list that I could throw in. It's great you added OSGi as well.
> I've always been thinking of OSGi-like kernel for Geronimo (and
> convert Geronimo plugins to be based on the OSGi plugin concept),

I'd love to see more Apache projects switch to OSGi. Geronimo would be
perfect as a starting point because it integrates a lot of other
projects (hence, might "convert" them along the way).

> but to be honest I'd need a lot of support to get it done (mentor?).

As I said previously on this list, I'd be willing to help. Alas, my
time is limited as well but I can provide help and insides where

> I'm not an OSGi expert, but it seems the issues we're having with
> classloading could be easily sorted out with OSGi.

Not having to deal with classloaders is one of the benefits of OSGi
(not sure whether it would be easy :-).

> I wish I could afford more time and energy to the project to make an OSGi kernel
> done, but am now fully aware of my time incapabilities and with no
> other people interested in it I don't think I'll do any real
> developments in this area. I could be of some help, but to lead
>'d be very challenging. I'd also appreciate to hear
> Dain's view on how OSGi could affect Geronimo as he's one of the very
> few who are not scared to make changes in the kernel as well as I seem
> to recall he's been developing xbean-osgi module. Dain?
> Jacek
> --
> Jacek Laskowski

At Apache Felix, we have developed a maven2 plugin that might be
helpful in migrating to OSGi. Maybe that can be a starting point:

Felix itself is very small (~300k) and can be easily embedded:



Karl Pauls

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