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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Move J2G from sandbox to devtools
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 17:52:20 GMT
I didn't want to tie the J2G releases to the WTP server adaptor releases for 
now, but we could in the future if there is more synergy between them and 
users start asking for it...  For now, placing J2G in the same update site as 
the WTP plugins should be enough for most users.


Lin Sun wrote:
> Donald, thanks for doing all these!
> Are you thinking of releasing this separately from the Geronimo Eclipse 
> plugin?  Might be good to release together when Eclipse plugin releases 
> its next maintenance release (if it comes out soon) and also allow users 
> to download j2g using Eclipse update manager.
> Lin
> Donald Woods wrote:
>> J2G has now been moved out of sandbox and into -
>> I've also created a J2G component in GERONIMODEVTOOLS for us to use 
>> and the initial release target should be 1.0.0.
>> I'd like to quickly get the build updated to use the released Eclipse 
>> v3.3 level and remove a few snapshots, so we can create a branch copy 
>> for a 1.0.0 release.  That way, we can create an official release of 
>> the tool and start getting user feedback for future releases.
>> -Donald
>> Donald Woods wrote:
>>> Given all of the work and interest in the J2G tool, I would like to 
>>> move the current J2G files from sandbox/j2g to devtools/trunk/j2g, so 
>>> we can start working towards an official release of the tool.
>>> Does this require a Vote first or does the CTR process apply here, as 
>>> the code is already in our svn repo?
>>> -Donald

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