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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: New GShell-based Geronimo Server launcher now in server/trunk
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 13:07:14 GMT

Jason Dillon wrote:

> Anyways... email for any reason.  Aighty?

Hey Jason,

Before I realized the new gshell changes were introduced yesterday I 
attempted to start the server the old fashioned way using ./ 
run.  This failed due to the assembly not containing the necessary yoko 
bits in lib/endorsed.

As a hack I checked in a change to boilerplate-minimal to add those bits 
back in lib/endorsed ( 
so I could get an assembly that would start the old way.  BTW, I tried 
this same change in boilderplate-javaee5 but it didn't have the desired 
effect on the assemblies.

I'm not clear if we intend to keep things working with or if 
a similar change was even necessary to start the server using gshell 
(perhaps it has some magic to dynamically create lib/endorsed?).  So 
please feel free to revert the change, provide recommendations for how I 
should fix this, or make the necessary corrections to undo any damage I 
may have done.

Now I'm off to play some with cool gshell :-)  ...


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