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From Peter Petersson <>
Subject The Apache Roller weblogger plugin
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 22:26:55 GMT

As some of you may know I have been working with David Jencks on the 
Roller plugin. The latest update brings the plugin to G v2.0.1 and IMO 
it is starting to look good.

Having tested the plugin installation and basic functionality on 
Geronimo from a local maven repo on tomcat and jetty with derby or mysql 
back-ends using the artifact aliasing function to switch from derby to 
mysql it seems to be running well,  so if you have time to take roller 
for a spin go ahead, it would be great to get some feedback from you 
all. You will find some basic build and get started instructions below.

Apart from bringing the plugin to a releasable state there are probably 
a lot more that can be done such as adding and testing more databases 
modules, console configuration module, extra themes module, you name it 
and for that it would be great to get your suggestions and/or 
contributions  ;). You will find out more about roller at and some fragmented bits and pieces about the 
plugin at GERONIMO-2994.

Here is a updated README to get you started
Geronimo Roller 4.0 plugin

Build instructions:

build roller from svn 4.0_rc1 tag after applying 
roller-maven_ant_task_070902_0.patch (in Jira GERONIMO-2994) by issuing
'ant mvn-install' from rollers root dir this will build roller and place 
the roller-weblogger.war file (needed by the plugin)
in your local maven repo.

Theoretically at this point you should be able to run


and do a top level build but currently it seems that you have to build 
each module individually once before this will work.

Copy the geronimo-plugins.xml file to ~/.m2/repository so geronimo will 
be able to treat the maven repo as a plugin repo.
Change the content of the default-repository tag (near the end of the 
file) to match the path to your repository.

Now start geronimo (2.0.1) and go to the plugins page in the admin 
console, add your local maven repo as a plugin repo, search
for plugins, and install the roller-jetty plugin (if you are 
geronimo-jetty) it will simultaneous pull in the derby database plugin.

Accessing roller at this point for instance via the /roller link in 
"Application" -->> "Web App WARs" will initiate rollers automatic
installation function that will set up the roller derby database and you 
will be up and running using the derby database. 

At any time you can start using mysql as database back-end by installing 
the roller-mysql plugin module (this will stop any running
instance of roller). To complete the database switch put the following 
line in var/config/
and create a empty mysql database called 'roller' with the user 'roller' 
and password 'roller', restart the geronimo server, go to
"Application" -->> "Web App WARs"  start roller and click on the /roller 
link to start up roller and you will be up and running with the
mysql-database as back-end.

   Peter Petersson

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