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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: OSGifying org.apache.geronimo.specs
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 03:13:31 GMT

On Sep 20, 2007, at 10:31 PM, Donald Woods wrote:

> Okay, was just looking for more details.  Wasn't trying to shoot  
> you down... :-)
> So, you're not going as far as proposing real OSGi/Eclipse bundles,  
> where we control which classes/methods are exported for others to  
> use....

 From glancing at the docs for the plugin it looks to me as if you do  
get to specify that stuff.  However for a spec jar I'm pretty sure  
that everything will be exported.

david jencks
> Sounds like a good start, as long as we can include the required  
> bits as part of our normal m2 builds.
> -Donald
> Guillaume Nodet wrote:
>> Wait, wait....
>> I'm just talking about making the needed changes to add the manifest
>> entries so that the current jars can be recognized as valid OSGi
>> bundles.  This can be easily done using the felix maven plugin.   The
>> jars would be a minor update of the existing ones and would be
>> published to the same location (the maven repo).
>> The goal is just to have these jars available to use in an OSGi
>> environment for other projects.
>> On 9/21/07, Donald Woods <> wrote:
>>> Can this be added to the existing Maven2 spec builds?
>>> Is there a maven plugin for generating OSGi bundles?
>>> Where will these artifacts get published to?  Do we need to setup  
>>> an Eclipse
>>> style update site, for more than just our Devtools projects?
>>> -Donald
>>> Guillaume Nodet wrote:
>>>> For ServiceMix 4.0, which will be based on OSGi, I will need to  
>>>> have
>>>> OSGified versions of some of the spec jars that geronimo provides.
>>>> It's quite easy to do in ServiceMix (see
>>>> servicemix-4.0/bundles/
>>>> for servlet, j2ee-management, jms mainly), but I think it would be
>>>> more useful for other projects if the specs jars were bundles
>>>> themselves.
>>>> This is quite a simple process that can be done incrementally  
>>>> without
>>>> any real side effect and low risk of regression.  So unless someone
>>>> objects, I'd like to start working on that.

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