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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Anyone want to smoke test tranql adapters?
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 05:53:43 GMT

On Sep 25, 2007, at 8:28 AM, Lin Sun wrote:

> David, I tried both the local and xa rars for oracle and it works  
> good with daytrader (without any issue in G2188).   I have a  
> question on the local and xa rars.   Is there any reason why we  
> want to continue releasing the local rars?  Seems it is rather  
> confusing to have so many rars for a user to select...

I don't have any direct experience but I've heard rumors that the  
oracle local driver is or used to be much faster than the xa driver.   
If still true, that could make it very worthwhile to keep both.

david jencks

> Lin
> David Jencks wrote:
>> I made one code change and a whole lot of build cleanup in the  
>> tranql adapters and I'd like to release them, but I'm not set up  
>> to try most of them out at all.  Is anyone able to give any of  
>> them a try?
>> We have..
>> generic
>> db2
>> derby
>> mysql
>> oracle
>> postgres
>> IIUC Matt's going to try to do at least the db2 connectors and  
>> maybe mysql.  If anyone want to try out one of the others let me  
>> know and I'll send them to you (or you can build from trunk,  
>> although the sequence of stuff to build may be a bit hard to  
>> figure out)
>> thanks
>> david jencks

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