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From Paul McMahan <>
Subject Re: Status of Geronimo 1.1.1 plugins not yet in 2.0.1 ?
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2007 16:22:58 GMT
Peter,  I agree that quartz would be an excellent plugin for Geronimo  
2.0.  If creating a new area at geronimo/plugins/quartz would help us  
collaborate on that effort then that sounds fine to me.  Taking a  
quick glance through the quartz plugin sources at :
it looks like most of the java files have the apache software license  
header but many of the XML, JSP, pom, etc. files do not.   If Aaron  
likes the idea of donating the plugin sources to ASF then I'm ready  
to help with whatever approach works best for him.

Best wishes,

On Sep 5, 2007, at 3:42 AM, Peter Petersson wrote:

> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>> I'm pretty tight for time right now, though I could certainly advise
>> someone if they were interested in doing the porting to 2.x.  I don't
>> care if it's done at SF or if the code is sucked over to Apache.
> Hi Aaron
> Thank you for your reply. I checked out the code yesterday and took  
> a quick look at it.
> If I get it somewhat running I send you a patch but I would also  
> prefer to "check in" the code at geronimo/plugins.
> If the rest of you agree on moving the code? and if the following  
> is advisable I could supply a untouched patch In a Jira for someone  
> to set up in geronimo/plugins.
> In my opinion this plugin is quite useful and if not anyone else  
> have time to work on it I will certainly try to get it ported as it  
> is the only thing holding us back from migrating to G2.0.1.
> regards
>   Peter Petersson
>> Thanks,
>>        Aaron
>> On 9/4/07, Paul McMahan <> wrote:
>>> I agree that it would be really great to have updated versions of  
>>> all
>>> the 1.x plugins.  I don't know if there are any plans to update the
>>> plugins at for Geronimo 2.x.  If
>>> that's not likely to happen then we should be able to use Geronimo's
>>> svn and plugin repository at least for the Quartz plugin since it's
>>> ASL 2.0.   Or Aaron may have a better idea in mind.
>>> Best wishes,
>>> Paul
>>> On Sep 4, 2007, at 3:42 AM, Peter Petersson wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> There are few G v1.1.1 plugins not yet available in 2.0.1 which is
>>>> understandable as 2.0.1 has not been around very long. Would be
>>>> great to hear what the plans and status are for them in G v2.0.1.
>>>> We (me and my colleagues) and probably other users miss one in
>>>> particular and this is the very neat and useful geronimo-quartz
>>>> plugin and I am wondering what the plans are for it in G 2.0.1  
>>>> Aaron?
>>>> thanks
>>>>  Peter Petersson

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